Postponed till next weekend --- Annie's Place transport AL-NH Dec 27-29

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Simpson and Bart

reply to if you can drive a leg

must fill by Thursday at 9 pm

Emily Cherry (cherryharley)  ( @
please use email only as I work full-time
phone # for urgent contact and day of the run only: 334-524-3125


Leg you are volunteering for:
Nearest Large City:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Can you receive text messages?
Primary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Secondary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Emergency Contact name and phone:
Vehicle Desc:
License Plate:
Suggested meeting place at the beginning of your leg:
Suggested meeting place at the end of your leg:
(I allow my drivers to choose meeting places that are convenient for
How many dogs can you transport?
Do you have your own crates?
What other coordinators have you driven for?

I respond to ALL offers. If you offer and haven't heard back from me in
24 hours, please resend your email.

Passengers: Maggie, Simpson, and Bart
(Detailed info at the bottom)

All passengers are going to fully screened and approved rescues or
adopters. No animals may be adopted off of a transport. If you are
interested in a particular pet you have driven, you MUST go through the
proper procedures and contact the rescue for an application. Keeping a
pet that does not belong to you is THEFT.

Route and Legs

15 minutes has been added to each leg for water/potty breaks. All legs
are flexible. Please let me know if you need to change anything. Also,
I am not as young as I used to be. I make mistakes. Please let me know
if you catch any errors in this run sheet!

Friday Dec 27, 2013

Leg 1 Filled, thanks Laurie N!
Depart: Greensboro AL 8:00 am
Arrive:  Tuscaloosa AL 8:45 am
45 min

Leg 2 Filled, thanks Dale S! 
Depart: Tuscaloosa AL 9:00 am
Arrive:  Birmingham AL 10:00 am
1 hour

Leg 3 Filled, thanks Robin and Michelle!
Depart: Birmingham AL 10:15 am
Arrive:  Oxford AL 11:15 am
1 hour

Leg 4 Filled, thanks Robin and Michelle! (time change)
Depart: Oxford AL 11:15 am
Arrive:  Douglasville GA 12:15 pm/1:15 pm Eastern
1 hour

Leg 5 Filled, thanks Stephanie N! 
Depart: Douglasville GA 1:30 pm
Arrive:  Stone Mountain GA 2:30 pm
1 hour

Overnight Filled, thanks Debbie H!

Saturday Dec 28, 2013

Leg 6 Filled, thanks Buster H! 
Depart: Stone Mountain GA 8:00 am
Arrive:  Commerce GA 9:00 am
1 hour

Leg 7 Filled, thanks Pam and Denny! 
Depart: Commerce GA 9:15 am
Arrive:  Anderson SC 10:15 am
1 hour

Leg 8 Filled, thanks Brett and Lisa! 
Depart: Anderson SC 10:30 am
Arrive:  Spartanburg SC 11:30 am
1 hour

Leg 9 Filled, thanks Nancy L! 
Depart: Spartanburg SC 11:45 am
Arrive:  Charlotte NC 1:00 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 10 Filled, thanks Nancy L! 
Depart: Charlotte NC 1:15 pm
Arrive:  Elkin NC 2:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 11 Filled, thanks Abbye B! 
Depart: Elkin NC 2:45 pm
Arrive:  Ft Chiswell VA 3:45 pm
1 hour

Depart: Ft Chiswell VA 4:00 pm
Arrive:  Roanoke VA 5:00 pm
1 hour

Depart: Roanoke VA 5:15 pm
Arrive:  Staunton VA 6:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Depart: Staunton VA 6:45 pm
Arrive:  Strasburg VA 8:00 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 15 Filled, thanks Joanne W! 
Depart: Strasburg VA 8:15 pm
Arrive:  Martinsburg WV 9:00 pm
45 min

Overnight in Martinsburg WV NEEDED

Sunday Dec 29, 2013

Depart: Martinsburg WV 9:00 am
Arrive:  Harrisburg PA 10:30 am
1 hour 30 min

Leg 17 Filled, thanks Ken and Lynn!
Depart: Harrisburg PA 10:45 am
Arrive:  Allentown PA 12 noon
1 hour 15 min

Depart : Allentown PA 12:15 pm
Arrive:   Bridgewater NJ 1:15 pm
1 hour

Leg 19 Filled, thanks Samantha J! 
Depart: Bridgewater NJ 1:30 pm
Arrive:  White Plains NY 2:45 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 20 Filled, thanks Denise B! 
Depart: White Plains NY 3:00 pm
Arrive:  Danbury CT 3:45 pm
45 min

Leg 21 Filled, thanks Debbie S!
Depart: Danbury CT 4:00 pm
Arrive:  Hartford CT 5:00 pm
1 hour

Leg 22 Filled, thanks Ilda! 
Depart: Hartford CT 5:15 pm
Arrive:  Worcester MA 6:15
1 hour

Leg 23 Filled by receiving rescue, thanks Heather!
Depart: Worcester MA 6:30 pm
Arrive:  Milford NH 7:30 pm
1 hour

End of Transport

Dog(s) or Cat(s):Dog
Name:Maggie, Simpson, Bart
Breed:boxer/lab mix
Sex:Female, Male, Male
Spayed/Neutered (must be s/n for transport to adopter):yes
Age:12 weeks
Weight:15 pounds
UTD on age appropriate shots:yes
Rabies tag (must have tag or original certificate for transport if old
Health Certificate obtained:yes
Treated for fleas/ticks (please make sure animals are parasite
Ok with other dogs:yes
Dimensions of crate (LxWxH): 33 long x 22" wide x 23 high

Sending Party
Name of sending party:Laurie Nevin
City, St, Zip:Greensboro, AL  36744
Is sending doing first leg of transport?yes i can get to Tuscaloosa
Please provide if different from above
Driver's vehicle desc:2004 Toyota Rav4

Receiving Party:
Name of receiving party:
Heather Kyte
Annie's Place All Breed Rescue
City, St, Zip:Milford, NH 03055

THE FINE PRINT: CherryHarley Transports is not a business. I am a
volunteer transport coordinator who has a network of volunteer
drivers and we assist rescues in their efforts to save death row dogs
and place them in approved adoptive homes. All rescues must have proper
permits to import dogs and all dogs must have health certificates to
cross state lines. Please remember that I am dependent on what the
senders tell me about our passengers' temperaments. The very nature of
rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate in it;
even a good-natured dog may find it stressful to be passed from
stranger to stranger and cooped up with unfamiliar dogs and may act in
uncharacteristic ways. Neither I nor anyone associated with this
transport can accept liability for any accidents or incidents that may
occur during the transport. Thank you for understanding and
volunteering. Emily Cherry (CherryHarley Transports)