FILLED! Retta transport CO-GA June 9-11

Please take time to read this touching plea I received from a lady who moved from CO to GA and left her dog behind with friends until she could get settled in.
Hello my name is Mitzi, 
                                                 I'm not sure what to say other than I need your help with getting my doggie Retta home from Colorado to Atlanta Georgia. She was in the care of friends when I moved and they didn't take care of her and took her to a shelter. She is with family now but they have 4 dogs of there own and can't keep her much longer. I have a rare immune system disease called Churg Strauss and I am on a fixed income and need your help in bringing my baby home. 
Please help me I have reached out to so many organizations and you are my last hope. She's my everything, I need her and want her home.
If you can help with driving, overnighting, or even crossposting, I would be very grateful. Also please notice that this transport is NOT for this coming weekend. 

email me at to make an offer
must fill by Thursday June 8th
Leg you are volunteering for:
Nearest Large City:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Can you receive text messages?
Primary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Secondary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Emergency Contact name and phone:
Vehicle Desc:
License Plate:
Suggested meeting place at the beginning of your leg:
Suggested meeting place at the end of your leg:
(I allow my drivers to choose meeting places that are convenient for them)
How many dogs can you transport?
Do you have your own crates?
What other coordinators have you driven for?
I respond to ALL offers. If you offer and haven't heard back from me in 24 hours, please resend your email. 


Name:  Retta 
Breed: Pitbull Terrier  
Sex: Female, Spayed 
Age: Four years eight months 8 days 
Weight: 46 lbs
Date of last vaccination: 4/20/2017
Rabies tag issued: 4/20/2017
Health certificate: will be obtained prior to transport
Ok with other dogs - Retta is great with other dogs 
Special needs - none
Crate by sending- no
Other items provided- food, bowls, leash, blanket and anything else needed for trip.
Does dog ride will in car? Yes Retta loves to ride in the car. She will hang her head out window if you let her 
Retta never barks she is a very loving kind fun dog but don't let he off her leash she will run off. 
Reason for transport - return to owner

Sending party:
Angie Cate, owner's sister
Durango CO

Receiving party:
Mitzi Bond
Chatsworth GA
Email address 
Driver: Jonathan Thornton, owner's fiance 
Drivers vehicle: white four door verses

All passengers are going to fully screened and approved rescues or adopters. No animals may be adopted off of a transport. If you are interested in a particular pet you have driven, you MUST go through the proper procedures and contact the rescue for an application. Keeping a pet that does not belong to you is THEFT.

Route and Legs
15 minutes has been added to each leg for water/potty breaks. All legs are flexible. Please let me know if you need to change anything. Also, I am not as young as I used to be. I make mistakes. Please let me know if you catch any errors in this run sheet!

Friday June 9, 2017

Legs 1-3 Filled! 
Depart: Durango CO 
Arrive:  Albuquerque NM
4 hours

Overnight in Albuquerque

Saturday June 10, 2017

Leg 4 Filled, thanks Dave S!
Depart: Albuquerque NM 8:00 am
Arrive:  Tucumcari NM 10:30 am 
2 hour 30 min

Leg 5 Filled, thanks Betsy P! 
Depart:  Tucumcari NM 10:45 am
Arrive:  Amarillo TX 1:30 pm (time zone change)
1 hour 45 min

Leg 6 Filled, thanks Terry Lynn B!
Depart: Amarillo TX 1:45 pm
Arrive:  Shamrock TX 3:15 pm
1 hour 30 min
Leg 7 Filled, thanks Terry Lynn B!
Depart:  Shamrock TX 3:30 pm
Arrive:  Clinton OK 4:45 pm
1 hour 15 min
Leg 8 Filled, thanks DeeDee D!
Depart: Clinton OK 5:00 pm
Arrive:  Oklahoma City OK 6:15 pm
1 hour 15 min 

Leg 9 Filled, thanks Jesse! 
Depart: Oklahoma City OK 6:30 pm
Arrive:  Tulsa OK 8:00 pm
1 hour 30 min

Overnight filled, thanks Jesse! 

Sunday June 11, 2017

Leg 10/11 Filled, thanks Neil G!
Depart: Tulsa OK 8:00 am
Arrive:  Van Buren AR 9:45 am
1 hour 45 min
Leg 12 Filled, thanks Kate M!
Depart: Van Buren AR 10:00 am
Arrive:  Russellville AR 11:00 am
1 hour

Leg 13 Filled, thanks Lori T!
Depart: Russellville AR 11:15 am
Arrive:  Little Rock AR 12:15 pm
1 hour
Leg 14 Filled, thanks Dana J!
Depart: Little Rock AR 12:30 pm
Arrive:  Brinkley AR 1:30 pm
1 hour

Leg 15 Filled, thanks LauraLea A!
Depart: Brinkley AR 1:45 pm
Arrive:  Memphis TN 2:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 16 Filled, thanks Camille S!
Depart: Memphis TN 3:00 pm
Arrive:  Jackson TN 4:15 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 17 Filled, thanks Phylllis Z!
Depart: Jackson TN 4:30 pm
Arrive:  Dickson TN (Nashville) 5:45 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 18 Filled, thanks Phyllis Z! 
Depart: Dickson TN (Nashville) 6:00 pm
Arrive:  Murfreesboro TN 7:00 pm
1 hour

Leg 19 Filled, thanks Jean D!
Depart: Murfreesboro TN 7:15 pm
Arrive:  Kimball TN (Chattanooga) 8:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 20 Filled, thanks Gail W!
Depart: Kimball TN  (Chattanooga) 8:45 pm
Arrive:  Ringgold GA 10:30 pm (time zone change)
45 min

Leg 21 Filled by Retta's mom and dad!
Depart: Ringgold GA 10:45 pm
Arrive:  Chatsworth GA 11:30 pm
45 min

End of Transport 

THE FINE PRINT: CherryHarley Transports is not a business. I am a volunteer transport coordinator who has a network of volunteer drivers and we assist rescues in their efforts to save death row dogs and place them in approved adoptive homes. All rescues must have proper permits to import dogs and all dogs must have health certificates to cross state lines. Please remember that I am dependent on what the senders tell me about our passengers' temperaments. The very nature of rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate in it; even a good-natured dog may find it stressful to be passed from stranger to stranger and cooped up with unfamiliar dogs and may act in uncharacteristic ways. Neither I nor anyone associated with this transport can accept liability for any accidents or incidents that may occur during the transport. Thank you for understanding and volunteering. Emily Cherry (CherryHarley Transports)