CANCELED - Bossman transport FL-AZ Jan 19 - 26

This post is for viewing only. Please email any offers to:



Emily Cherry (cherryharley)
please use email only as I work full-time
phone # for urgent contact and day of the run only: 334-524-3125


Leg you are volunteering for:
Nearest Large City:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Can you receive text messages?
Primary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Secondary Email:
Do you have access to this email after 5 pm and on weekends?
Emergency Contact name and phone:
Vehicle Desc:
License Plate:
Suggested meeting place at the beginning of your leg:
Suggested meeting place at the end of your leg:
(I allow my drivers to choose meeting places that are convenient for them)
How many dogs can you transport?
Do you have your own crates?
What other coordinators have you driven for?

I respond to ALL offers. If you offer and haven't heard back from me in
24 hours, please resend your email.

Passengers: Bossman, a lab mix
(Detailed Info at the bottom)

All passengers are going to fully screened and approved rescues or
adopters. No animals may be adopted off of a transport. If you are
interested in a particular pet you have driven, you MUST go through the
proper procedures and contact the rescue for an application. Keeping a
pet that does not belong to you is THEFT.

Route and Legs

15 minutes has been added to each leg for water/potty breaks. All legs
are flexible. Please let me know if you need to change anything. Also,
I am not as young as I used to be. I make mistakes. Please let me know
if you catch any errors in this run sheet!

Saturday Jan 19, 2013

Leg 1 Filled, thanks Natalie M!
Depart: Ft Walton Beach FL 7:00 am
Arrive:  Pensacola FL 8:00 am
1 hour

Leg 2 Filled, thanks Tina L! 
Depart: Pensacola FL 8:15 am
Arrive:  Mobile AL 9:15 am
1 hour

Leg 3 Filled, thanks Maria!
Depart: Mobile AL 9:30 am
Arrive:  Biloxi MS 10:30 am
1 hour

Leg 4 Filled, thanks Barbara P!
Depart: Biloxi MS 10:45 am
Arrive:  Slidell LA 11:45 am
1 hour

Leg 5 Filled, thanks Katelyn! 
Depart: Slidell LA 12 noon
Arrive:  Hammond LA 12:45 pm
45 min

Leg 6 Filled, thanks Mimi H!
Depart: Hammond LA 1:00 pm
Arrive:  Baton Rouge LA 1:45 pm
45 min

Leg 7 Filled, thanks Christy B! 
Depart: Baton Rouge LA 2:00 pm
Arrive:  Lafayette LA 3:00 pm
1 hour

Leg 8 Filled, thanks Renee R! 
Depart: Lafayette LA 3:15 pm
Arrive:  Lake Charles LA 4:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 9 Filled, thanks Ann R! 
Depart: Lake Charles LA 4:45 pm
Arrive:  Beaumont TX 5:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 10 Filled, thanks Randy G! 
Depart: Beaumont TX 6:00 pm
Arrive:  Houston TX 7:15 pm
1 hour 15 min

Overnight Filled, thanks Randy G! 

Sunday Jan 20, 2013

Leg 11 Filled, thanks Colleen R! 
Depart: Houston TX 8:00 am
Arrive:  Madisonville TX 9:30 am
1 hour 30 min

Leg 12 Filled, thanks Colleen R! 
Depart: Madisonville TX 9:45 am
Arrive:  Corsicana TX 11:00 am
1 hour 15 min

Leg 13 Filled, thanks Barbi! 
Depart: Corsicana TX 11:15 am
Arrive:  Fort Worth TX 12:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 14 Filled, thanks Barbara G! 
Depart: Fort Worth TX 12:45
Arrive:  Decatur TX 1:30 pm
45 min

Leg 15 Filled, thanks Barbara G! 
Depart: Decatur TX 1:45 pm
Arrive: Wichita Falls TX 3:00 pm
1 hour 15 min

Depart: Wichita Falls TX 3:15 pm
Arrive:  Childress TX 5:00 pm
1 hour 45 min

Depart: Childress TX 5:15 pm
Arrive:  Clarendon TX 6:15 pm
1 hour

Depart: Clarendon 6:30 pm
Arrive:  Amarillo TX 7:30 pm
1 hour

Need boarding/foster for 1 week in Amarillo TX

Saturday Jan 26, 2013

Depart: Amarillo TX 8:00 am
Arrive:  Tucumcari  NM 9:30 am/8:30 am (time change)
1 hour 30 min

Depart: Tucumcari NM 8:45 am
Arrive:  Santa Rosa NM 9:45 am
1 hour

Depart: Santa Rosa NM 10:00 am
Arrive:  Albuquerque NM 11:45 am
1 hour 45 min

Depart: Albuquerque NM 12 noon
Arrive:  Milan NM 1:15 pm
1 hour 15 min

Depart: Milan NM 1:30 pm
Arrive:  Lupton AZ 2:45 pm
1 hour 15 min

Depart: Lupton AZ 3:00 pm
Arrive:  Holbrook AZ 4:00 pm
1 hour

Depart: Holbrook AZ 4:15 pm
Arrive:  Flagstaff AZ 5:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Depart: Flagstaff AZ 5:45 pm
Arrive:  Camp Verde AZ 6:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 27 Filled by adopter
Depart: Camp Verde AZ 7:00 pm
Arrive:  Peoria AZ 8:30 pm
1 hour 30 min

End of Transport

Dog(s) or Cat(s): Dog
Name - Bossman
Breed - Lab/bully mix ?
Sex - Male
Spayed/Neutered (must be s/n for transport to adopter) - yes
Age - 3-4
Weight - 40-50 lbs
UTD on age appropriate shots -yes
Rabies tag (must have tag or original certificate for transport if old
enough) -yes
Health Certificate (must have for transport across state lines) - yes
Treated for fleas/ticks (please make sure animals are parasite free) - yes
Dewormed - yes
Temperment tested - yes
Ok with dogs - yes
Ok with cats - unknown
Ok with kids -unknown
House trained -unknown
Crate trained -unknown
Will a crate be provided? - Is it required?
Dimensions of crate (LxWxH) -
Will a harness be provided? -yes
(all dogs that will be walked must be wearing a martingale collar or
harness with the receiving's phone # on it)
Will a leash be sent with dog? (each dog must have his or her own
leash) -yes
Other items provided -Water dish, food dish, enough food for trip
Does dog ride well in car -
Special needs - no
Other information -
Reason for transport - adopter lives in Phoenix, AZ

Sending Party
Is sending a shelter, rescue, foster or boarding facility? Foster
Contact person - Natalie Mclaughlin
City, St, Zip - Ft Walton Beach FL
Email address -
Is sending doing first leg of transport? yes
Name of driver, address, cell phone, and email address if different
from above -

Receiving Party
Is receiving a rescue, foster, or adopter? Adopter
Contact person - Martin Gasiorowski
City, St, Zip - Peoria, AZ, 85382
Email address -
Distance willing to drive - must do at least the last leg - adopter
would be willing to do last leg depending on distance of leg.
Name of driver, address, cell phone, and email address if different
from above -

THE FINE PRINT: CherryHarley Transports is not a business. I am a
volunteer transport coordinator who has a network of volunteer
drivers and we assist rescues in their efforts to save death row dogs
and place them in approved adoptive homes. All rescues must have proper
permits to import dogs and all dogs must have health certificates to
cross state lines. Please remember that I am dependent on what the
senders tell me about our passengers' temperaments. The very nature of
rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate in it;
even a good-natured dog may find it stressful to be passed from
stranger to stranger and cooped up with unfamiliar dogs and may act in
uncharacteristic ways. Neither I nor anyone associated with this
transport can accept liability for any accidents or incidents that may
occur during the transport. Thank you for understanding and
volunteering. Emily Cherry (CherryHarley Transports)


The info below will tell you WHY you need to know who you are driving
for and where dogs are being sent.

Drivers, don't just sign up to help on a transport without doing your
homework first.  Click on the link below to see the tragic outcome of
blindly signing up to drive a transport.  Gone are the days where you
can volunteer to drive (in blind faith) on any transport that just
happens to land in your inbox.

If you are considering driving on a transport, make sure you know who
the coordinator is.  If you don't recognize their name, ask around.
Dig up information.  Google their name and email address.  You want to
make sure you are driving for a reputable coordinator - one with
integrity, not some fly-by-night person posing as a coordinator who is
going to use you to unwittingly help send dogs into unthinkable
situations. Find out who this "coordinator" is - the rescue world is a
small world - everybody knows everyone or at least knows about them.
ASK AROUND before signing up to drive.

Another thing to look for..... if the name of the receiving rescue
AND their website isn't provided on the transport sheet for you to
see,  **RED FLAG**!   Ask questions of the "coordinator" and do not let
them off the hook without being provided with all the information you
need to check into the receiving rescue. Google the receiving rescue.
Ask other people in rescue (and other coordinators whom you trust)
about the receiving rescue. Check DNA sites.

Go to the receiving rescue's web page.  Read about their adoption
policies, etc.  Do they spay/neuter BEFORE they adopt out?  Do they
interview and do background & reference checks on potential adopters?
Or is it simply "cash and carry"?  Do they seem genuinely in it for the
dogs....or do you get the impression they are more interested in the
adoption fee?  Where are the rescued dogs living as they wait to be
adopted - in foster homes or in a barn or a shed on their property?
Look at the pictures of the dogs on their site.  Do they look happy and
in good shape?  Look at the images in the background of the pictures -
 do you see things like crates stacked on top of crates, clutter, and
dirty food bowls?

You could even take it a step further and email the receiving rescue
and ask them to provide the name, address and phone number of the vet
they use.  Then, contact the clinic and ask them if they would
recommend this rescue group?  You'd be surprised what you can find out.
BTW, all reputable coordinators do this as part of their screening
process for rescues they work with.

Finally, ask yourself....WOULD I SEND A DOG I LOVE TO THIS RESCUE?


Also, please don't automatically cross post transport run sheets unless
you have deemed it a safe and worthy transport.  In other words,  read
through the run sheet first paying attention to the name of the
coordinator and the receiving rescue.  Don't pass it along if you see
any red flags.  If you're not sure whether something is a red flag,
contact a coordinator you trust and find out.

If anything makes you uneasy about the transport -  DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO
DRIVE and speak up!

There are evil people out there just waiting to get their hands on FREE
DOGS!  Especially when the dogs can now be delivered right to their
door step!

Please, please, please critically evaluate transports that you
volunteer to drive for by looking at clues in the transport request/run

DO NOT drive a transport for an unaltered dog to a private adopter.
DO NOT drive a transport for a dog going to a rescue that you have
heard questionable things about.
DO NOT drive a transport for a coordinator that other coordinators warn
you about.

Everyone wants to help a shelter dog, but please ask yourself if such a
move is truly in the best interest of the animal. As cruel as it
sounds, there really is a fate much worse than euthanasia in a shelter.

All the details of a responsible transport should be available to the
volunteer drivers to protect them from helping a dog into a fate worse
than death.

^^^Thank you to Sheri Jackson for this valuable advice^^^

Feel free to share this note or message me with any questions you may