FILLED! Setter Pups Transport AL-NY Feb 11-12

6 setter pups

These pups were held back and have grown to 40 lbs each now so no crates will be provided but you are welcome to use your own if you wish. They are reported to ride well uncrated. In fact the sender says she puts all 6 in the backseat of her car! I am sending 3 at a time unless drivers can handle all 6 or I can get 2 drivers per leg. Please let me know how many you can handle!


Emily Cherry (cherryharley) ( @
please use email only as I work full-time and do not have phone
access at work
phone # for urgent contact and day of the run only: 334-587-3985

must fill by Thursday at 9 pm or will cancel!

the most current version of this run sheet can be seen


Leg you are volunteering for:
Street (optional):
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Can you receive text messages?
Primary Email:
Secondary Email:
Do you have email access after 5 pm and on weekends?
Emergency Contact name and phone:
Vehicle Desc:
License Plate:
How many dogs can you transport?
Do you have your own crates?
Suggested meeting place at the beginning of your leg:
Suggested meeting place at the end of your leg:
(I allow my drivers to choose meeting places that are convenient
for them)
What other coordinators have you driven for?

I respond to ALL offers. If you offer and haven't heard back from
me in 24 hours, please resend your email.

Passengers: 3-6 setter pup siblings

(Detailed Info at the bottom)

All passengers are going to fully screened and approved rescues
or adopters. No animals may be adopted off of a transport. If you
are interested in a particular pet you have driven, you MUST go
through the proper procedures and contact the rescue for an
application. Keeping a pet that does not belong to you is THEFT.

Route and Legs:

15 minutes has been added to each leg for water/potty breaks. All
legs are flexible. Please let me know if you need to change
anything. Also, I am not as young as I used to be. I make
mistakes. Please let me know if you catch any errors in this run

Saturday Feb 11, 2012

Sender will meet first drivers in Birmingham at Home Depot @ Galleria Mall

Leg 1
Driver 1 Filled, thanks Natalie!
Driver 2 Filled, thanks Cathy S!
Depart: Birmingham AL 8:30 am
Arrive: Athens AL 10:00 am
1 hour 30 min

Leg 2 Filled, thanks Jan F!
Depart: Athens AL 10:15 am
Arrive: Nashville TN 11:45 am
1 hour 30 min

Leg 3 Filled, thanks Karen!
Depart: Nashville TN 12:00 noon
Arrive: Bowling Green KY 1:00 pm
1 hour

Leg 4 Filled, thanks Karen!
Depart: Bowling Green KY 1:15 pm
Arrive: Elizabethtown KY 2:30 pm Central/3:30 pm Eastern
1 hour 15 min

Leg 5 Filled, thanks Betsy!
Depart: Elizabethtown 3:45 pm EST
Arrive: La Grange KY 5:00 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 6 Filled, thanks Mary Ann!
Depart: La Grange KY 5:15 pm
Arrive: Cincinnati OH 6:45 pm
1 hour 30 min

Overnight in Cincinnati
overnight 1 FILLED
overnight 2 FILLED

Sunday Feb 12, 2012

Leg 7 Filled for all 6, thanks Michele W!
Depart: Cincinnati OH 9:00 am
Arrive: Grove City OH 10:30 am
1 hour 30 min

Leg 8 Filled for all 6, thanks Renee!
Depart: Grove City OH 10:45 am
Arrive: Mansfield OH 11:45 am
1 hour

Leg 9 Filled, thanks Jamey!
Depart: Mansfield OH 12:00 noon
Arrive: Mentor OH 1:30 pm
1 hour 30 min

Leg 10 Filled for all 6, thanks Judi!
Depart: Mentor OH 1:45 pm
Arrive: Erie PA 2:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 11 Filled for all 6, thanks Gene!
Depart: Erie PA 3:00 pm
Arrive: Fredonia NY 4:00 pm
1 hour

Leg 12 Filled for all 6, thanks Joie!
Depart: Fredonia NY 4:15 pm
Arrive: Cheektowaga NY 5:15 pm 5
1 hour

End of Transport

3 Setter pups
Breed: Setter
Age: 6 months
Size/Weight: 45-50 lbs each
Spayed/Neutered: yes
General temperament: playful
Items Provided: Vet records, health certificate
Crates will NOT be provided
Vaccines: UTD – dh2pp, bordetella, rabies

Contact person - Katherine Miller
Physical address - provided to drivers/coordinator only
City, St, Zip -Cottondale, AL 35453
Home or business phone - provided to drivers/coordinator only
Cell or after hours phone - provided to drivers/coordinator only
Can you receive text messages -yes
Email address -

Receiving Rescue
Name of facility - Akron Canine Rescued Angels, Inc
Website -
Contact person - Beverlee Richards or Joie Celano
Physical address - provided to drivers only
City, St, Zip - Akron, NY 14001
Home phone - n/a
Cell phone - provided to drivers only
Can you receive text messages - yes
Email address -
Do you have email access after 5 pm and on weekends - yes
Vet reference - provided to coordinator only
Personal reference - provided to coordinator only
Distance willing to drive - must do at least the last leg - yes
Suggested meeting place - provided to drivers only
Emergency contact with phone number - provided to drivers only
For adopter, was a home check done - yes
For rescues, do you do home checks before adoption - yes and vet
Do you spay or neuter before adoptions - if dog is old enough,
if not, we do a foster to adopt form, holding onto the ownership
of the pup until altered.
Are you a 501(c)3 - yes